What Our Clients Say
"I would recommend Photographians for wedding photography. Newton and other team members did a marvellous job over three days during my wedding. Mine was an inter-faith wedding and hence, it was essential to capture all the moments in their true essence. The team arrived at the venues punctually and needed least support. The best thing was we were hardly “asked” to pose. There were a lot of candid shots and powerful portraits. The cinematic trailer was also neat. Overall a good job with candid photography and videography. However, delivery timeline remains an area of improvement. I received my edited photos and video quite late – much beyond committed timelines."
Romila Dhar, London, United Kingdom
"Photographians are the best in the business! Choosing them as our photographers for our wedding photos was the best decision we made. They made the whole process enjoyable, natural, and FUN!! They are a joy to work with. The photos tell the story and bring back every feeling from our wedding day and we look at them feeling laughter and tears."
Sreya Ghosh, Jacksonville, Florida
"Thank you Photographians for being one of the best parts of our wedding! Planning a wedding overseas is never easy, but you demonstrated professionalism and passion for your work, which resulted in breath-taking photos from our wedding! When planning a wedding, remember that people will forget how the food tasted, but you have photos and videos that will serve a lifetime of memories. I highly recommend Photographians as wedding photographers/videographers! Thank you all so much."
Staci & Bhagi, Seattle, Washington
"Captured some of the most precious moments on one of the most important day of my life.. my wedding. The pictures are going the last a lifetime and all of them are perfect. Exactly how I wanted… the picture are telling stories I wanted to capture. Thank you Swagarneel and team for the wonderful work."
Atreyee Bose, Bangalore
"I have had the experience of a photoshoot with the Photographians team. It was way back in June 2013. The Photographians team is extremely professional, has a creative mindset, and they are always in the quest for continuous improvement through learning. These all gets reflected in their works and every photograph becomes one of the best captured moment of our life."
Shuvolaxmi Dutta, Alberta, Canada
"Photographians was one the very best decisions that I took and to my great delight each picture tell a story capturing the emotions behind the scene in a near perfect manner. It was heartwarming to see the way they mingled with the family and made posing for the photographs completely effortless. To sum it up, the only regret that I have is that I didn’t book their dates for one more day!"
Jashoma & Deepanjan, Australia
"I and Arnab had an amazing experience with team Photographians for all the shoots starting from pre-wedding shoot to reception. The photos are really good and they have captured most of the good moments possible. I have shared my reviews and feedback with many of my friends and colleagues and I am sure they will surely contact them whenever they plan any event."
Arnab & Tannistha, Stockholm, Sweden
"I met Sagar and Newton from Photographians in 2012 for the first time in my cousin’s wedding. They were superb. They travelled from Kolkata to Kanpur. On the same day, they got blended in the family. They were almost invisible and silently doing the job. The wedding is remembered even today because of the naturally beautiful pictures they gifted us. They did it really amazing. And just because of that previous wedding covered by them, we were bound to call them again for the next wedding of another cousin in 2018 in Varanasi. I wish to call them to in every wedding of our family, including mine too 😄😉😍 A Big Thank you to the whole team."
Akanksha Pandey, Varanasi
"I first came to know about photographians in 2012 & since then I have witnessed closely their ups & downs & gradual growth with course of time till date, being a colleague of one of their prime members. All I have to say is that their today’s success is the result of their throughout hard & sincere work. All the best Photographians."
Ankita Mukherjee, Kolkata
"My husband introduced me to Photographians. Though I was a bit hesitant, it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I took for my wedding. They are the best. They have a unique style of photography, especially the candid captures, story-telling, makes me relive the moment every time I go through them. Whenever my husband asks me to select few for the album, I literally “give up” I just want them all."
Sayata Mukherjee, Kolkata
"We wanted to thank each one of you for being a part of our marriage and for all the hard works you guys put during the wedding. You guys were awesome!!"
Govind & Anju, Australia
"We want to thank Sagar and his team of Photographians for putting their 100% effort and getting us the exact result as we desired. We and our entire family are extremely happy with the outcome and we would cherish every moment of Our Special Day through these beautiful pictures."
Sananda & Avishek, Bangalore
"We think choosing Photographians for our special day back in 2014 was the best decision we ever made. They are professional and detail oriented, have lots of creative ideas and are flexible as per your specific needs. We absolutely loved the candid moments captured and will cherish them forever. Thank you guys and wish you all the very best"
Santosh & Sukanya, Sydney, Australia
"Even before our marriage dates were fixed, we started searching for best wedding photographers in google, someone whose eyes could see beyond what an ordinary person can see…”Chemistry beyond words”, “love that confesses only though eyes” and “desire of lifetime fulfilled”. Marriage are same for all but is special to the couple who are tied in the heavenly knot. We wanted someone who could really understand and capture the humility, excitement, happiness and charm….a moment we will cherish for lifetime…we started searching online and then Debasmita – a dear friend too mentioned about you. Loved your work and instantly felt it should be none but you guys and we were absolutely right about our decision. Each and every frames are beautiful and not overdone, real. Never knew we look so happy together. Thanks to Sagar and Newton you guys are the best."
Enakshi & Subho, New Delhi
"On your d-day, you would have a whirlwind of emotions. The last thing you want on that day is to be bothered for posing. The true talent of this team was to bring out the moments amidst all the emotions. If you are talking to your mother or your spouse in some corner. There will be a camera to capture that moment and u would be amazed to see it when they start sharing it with you!! Also you start getting your pics in 2-3 days after the wedding…"
Satabdi Aditya, Seattle, Washington
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